I’m now in Ghana

termite cathedral

Hi there, i’m now in Ghana since almost 2 weeks. I had a hard start being here, because i got the cold when i left germany. Spending almost 7 hours having fever at the airport in Lisbon was not one of my brightest moments. But that is now history 🙂

I’m here in Ho in the Volta region, which is really a beautiful place, Most people thinking of Africa as a dry and hot place. More like a desert or maybe the sahel zone. But this part of Africa is really a tropic zone with green trees and plants. And only the people and the red soil reminds me of being in Africa.

But to be honest, it is really a different culture and you have to cope with a serious culture shock when you never been before in Africa as i am.

I will be here for 2 months doing some voluntary work in computer education (ICT Training) for people who have not the ability to pay for an expensive computer course.

So now following some pictures of Ghana, taken around my Place where i live and the orphanage where i took a visit.


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    1. Hallo Dominik, Danke für die lieben wünsche. Müssen uns unbedingt mal wieder treffen. Dir auch eine gute Zeit. Ciao and God bless you!

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