The winter comes to Canada

Only two days after my visit at the prairie site „head smashed in buffalo jump“ it starts snowing. The temperature has fallen from -2 to -5. And the mountains and Valleys are white now.
So that’s good for skiing or snowboarding. But for hiking it could be better.
Nevertheless the landscape it awesome and the snow puts some extra shine on it.

I stay here in Fernie in a hostel with a great atmosphere and friendly interesting people.

Yesterday I visited the location Frank slide. Which is a huge slide that killed over 70 people living there in front of the Turtle mountain. That was in 1903.
Today you can see a large field of limestones and huge rocks there.

Until it snows here I tried to hike a trail to the Fernie mountain. The view was limited but nevertheless great.

Here are another Bunch of pictures from beautiful Canada.

frank slide
huge field of rocks and limestones
the lake on the easy to fernie (it was cold and windy)
the raging elk hostel
the bar inside the hostel
it starts snowing
the trail to the fernie mountain
fernie from above
it's winter now

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