Back in Calgary now

Yesterday I drove back to Calgary. It was hard to say goodby to the mountains. Which was a beautiful place to stay the last days. I really love the mountains. But I also love the prairie and the sea. It is always hard to decide what is the most beautiful landscape. Because they are so different.

I have now a few pictures from my drive back to Calgary. I took the cowboy trail to Cochran which is more beautiful than to drive only the highway number one. This was another tip from my host Gerald at the dreamcatcher hostel in golden.

I come along a little church, which is one of the oldest in Alberta. It is part of an old settlement. The reverend and missionary lived there together with the first nation people called Stoney.

This is a beautiful place along side of the bow river.

So here they are. Fresh pictures from my journey in Canada. And these are the last ones because my journey ends here 😦


the sky is always a surprise
this its part of the bow river valley
the lake iced over night
the lake iced
the three sisters
I like the contrast
the bow river
this is the little church
the prairie around the church

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    1. Hi Dominik, vielen Dank für’s anschauen und mitlesen. Ich bin seit einem Tag wieder in Deutschland. War eine echt tolle Reise.
      Ciao Andreas

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